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Eat for the planet

‘Early morning sunrise. I opened up my eyes and it got me thinking of you.’


– Linda


Dear sunrise, I heart you. I heart you like I heart the beauty of nature. The sound of the ocean, the whispers in the wind, the calmness of the forest. The sky so endless it makes me believe in everything. I believe the sun will set late evening, I believe it will rise early dawn. How can there not be magic with a nature so magical? 

The main reasons why I strive to follow a plant-based diet;

  1. I’m doing something good for the environment – It might seem as baby steps, but when choosing to eat more greens I choose to believe in a greener planet. I might not be the most environmentally friendly person, however I strive to do my best. If all of us would choose to do something good for the environment it could end up as something powerful. ‘Eat less of conventionally raised poultry, pork, beef, or dairy products: Concentrated animal feeding operations have significantly higher carbon and water footprints than their pasture-based counterparts. They also necessitate the need for antibiotics, and negatively impact surrounding land and water. The antibiotics in these food products is a suspected contributor to antibiotic resistance, and CAFO-raised animals also provide fewer nutrients than their pasture-raised counterparts.’ Source: the  A very informative site is the One Green Planet with a great deal of info. 
  2. I’m doing something good for my body – There is an undeniable connection between what we eat and our health. Although we strive on different foods, one should become more aware of the huge impact food has on our bodies. What is better for the earth is usually also better for the body. I’ve noticed that the more plant-based foods I put on my plate the better  and stronger I feel – my body can easily digest it and use it as energy.
  3. I’m doing something good for the animals – All people on earth aren’t meant to stop eating meat, egg and dairy. BUT, one should become more aware of how the meat is produced, and the amount of animal products one is eating.
  4. I’m doing something good for my mind –  My mind feels clearer as I feel more connected to my feelings while eating less processed foods.
  5. + the taste is freaking awesome! – While reducing the sugar & salt intake and increasing the fresh herbs & spice intake your taste palate will thank you. Fresh veggies, fruits, berries and beans shouldn’t be destroyed by drowning them in salt and oil; they taste wonderful just as they are.



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