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Random Monday Thoughts

‘Late evenings in August are for dark, dark chocolate, creative thoughts, thunderstorms and sunsets.’


This summer passed by so quickly. Even though it’s still a couple of weeks left we are moving towards autumn. These past months have been dedicated to work, work, work. I feel that a holiday would be much appreciated. Usually I’m not a fan of the autumn, but at the moment I must say that I rather look forward to a more ”normal” routine; more time for things that I actually enjoy doing (such as blogging, recipe testing, writing…) more time for planning and goal setting, more time for gaining further knowledge, more time for designing a future that will help me become more fulfilled. Simply more time. Although I feel rather drained at the moment I have confidence that everything will fall into place, eventually.

You came with the wind, dear summer. Late. You came late. The air humid and remarkably heavy. The breeze so pleasant it blows away our worries. You have beautiful intentions, yet unreliable features. Darling summer! I noticed you came bearing gifts. There will never be too much hope, prosperity and laughter. Please feed us plenty. Please, stay until Christmas. And promise, don’t let the wind blow you away. Anyways, fall will eventually come. But it’s not her time yet, darling summer. It’s your time to shine. 


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