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10 ways to upgrade your daily health routines

”It’s not about perfection. It’s about consistency and aspiration. Small steps every day, that’s when magic happens. Change arise from being consistent.”



  1. Start every day with gratitude. Be grateful for what you already got/achieved in life. When you’re thankful of what you have you’re open to receiving more.
  2. Be positive. Choose to go through life with a positive mindset and life will get much easier; it’s as simple as that. There’s something positive in each and every day. Vibrate positivity and you will attract positivity.
  3. Listen to your body. Your body speaks to you in mysterious ways, learn to listen. Don’t press the autopilot button, you’re not a machine.
  4. Feed your body. Food is awesome. Food is fuel. Choose nutrients that help build and maintain body cells and tissues – foods that are good for your body, mind and soul and that help prevent disease. Following a well-balanced diet is the best way to maintain healthy tissue. Take care of your body.
  5. Feed your soul. Do the things that set your soul on fire. Things you’re passionate about; whether it’s reading, painting, helping less fortunate, inspiring people to be healthier, writing, creating. Ask yourself what you’re passionate about – and make time for it each and every day.
  6. Be kind. Kindness starts from within. Be kind to yourself. To the people around you. To the planet and the animals.
  7. Enjoy the journey of becoming. We all have goals in life that we would like to achieve. We usually get so caught up with the end result that we forget the actual journey. Fall in love with the journey, the highs and lows, the set backs. Enjoy the ride or you will never get to experience the end result.
  8. Be mindful. Be mindful when you eat. Be mindful when you’re spending time with someone. Be present. Be mindful of your breathes; Breath is the finest gift of nature.
  9. Spend time in nature. The nature is magnificent and it has so much to offer. Peace and quiet. Calmness and beauty. The perfect place to unwind.
  10. Meditate. Every single day for ten minutes. That’s a good start, we all have time for that. The best thing is you can do it wherever you like – at home on the floor, at the beach, in the sauna, at your desk at work.



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