Random thoughts

Intelligence is not pure knowledge but imagination

”There will be sunlight as we continue heading forward. ”

Eating raw vegan chocolate, taking walks in chilly Helsinki and writing. That perfect boost during short breaks. Now back to work.


As it was the last days of summer the sun had finally decided to come out. Just as it had been hiding behind the clouds the past months, waiting, it was suddenly determined to release its power. The heat had almost been unbearable the previous days. The young boy felt alive as he sat on the bench looking at the ocean, the sunlight kissing his cheeks. His heartbeat beating with quiet pace as his eyes admired the smooth sea. 

‘You once told me that we never get over it. Love. But I did.’

The old man looked at him, a hopeful expression suddenly appeared on his face.

‘Teach me, my dear friend. Teach me how.’

The young boy smiled tenderly.

‘I will.’ 



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