Random thoughts

Gratitude journal

”We rise by lifting others.”

Every morning be grateful for a new day arising. Every evening be grateful for what’s been accomplished throughout the day. Every tiny victory. And we will be one step closer to reaching the stars.

Today I’m grateful for waking up before my alarm went off. The sunlight kissing my cheeks. I’m grateful for taking time to enjoy my coffee without scrolling through Instagram. For choosing to listen to an inspiring podcast while taking my morning walk. I’m grateful for having the time to read books, books that inspire me to believe in everything I do. I’m grateful for smiling to strangers. For every dog I meet. For the butterflies

”A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

I’m grateful for my body. The energy that flows. The blood that is pumping. I’m grateful for giving my body the vitamins and minerals it needs. For choosing the right food. For the sunlight. For the dark, dark chocolate. I’m grateful for how fast I turn negative thought into positive ones. For the kindness, that’s everywhere. I’m grateful for enjoying the little things, like the taste of soft and ripe figs. I’m grateful for never-ending summer evenings. For the sun, behaving like a child, who wish to stay up all night. 

”Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered.”

I’m grateful for having a job that makes it possible to meet new people everyday. For speaking different languages. For being able to help people. Loving people. I’m grateful for having many days off. I’m grateful for spending time alone. For not being lonely. I’m grateful for all the creativity that flows around us, it’s everywhere. Everywhere we look. I’m grateful for my bed. For the stars. For the Universe. I’m grateful for Nature. The beautiful Nature. So fragile, yet so strong. Just as every human being. 


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