A breather

My two weeks in Budapest have come to an end. It’s been two very relaxing and chill couple of weeks. The weather has been perfect – warm, but not too hot and the sun has been out almost every day. The last week I’ve been by myself, since my boyfriend had to leave for work. Spending time alone, in a city that’s rather unexplored is something I recommend everyone to do at least once. Although I’ve been here many times before, exploring the city on my own has been a very positive experience. This city is stunning.

I’ve been…

Walking, walking, walking

Practising yoga

Enjoying nutella donuts (one too many..!?)

Observing people

Doing crossfit 

Spending rainy days at coffee shops

Enjoying breathtaking views of the city

Running my first 10 km in a very long time, and it didn’t feel too bad. Actually, it felt pretty amazing. With a steady pace I enjoyed a beautiful and tourist-packed pre summer evening

Trying to overcome my fear of heights

Loving every minute of the warm weather



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