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Instagram & Sunday sprints

Welcome Sunday! You’re almost my favourite day. Not really, but we’re getting there. What should I do with you today? I had my coffee (or two cups) already so I’m more than ready to get on with this day, although heavy clouds are coming in. However, I’ve been awake since 8 this morning, busy making myself breakfast and working on the computer. But now it’s time to hit the gym. There’s gonna be some serious sprinting involved followed by a visit to the neighbourhood coffee shop. Yes I now, I love my coffee.

Tip of the day; If you want to kick-start your metabolism try incorporating sprints into your workout routine – at the end of a gym session or simply as a workout on its own. I usually follow this set up:

  • 10 minutes warm up (10 km/h)
  • 15-20 sprints (30 seconds on/30 seconds off) Pace between 15 km/h – 20 km/h depending on your fitness level. Those 30 seconds on should be though.
  • 10 minutes cool down (10 km/hour)
  • Stretch. Remember to stretch out those hammies & calves. 

Second tip of the day; Follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates @cleaneatingbylinda.

Have a lovely, chill Sunday!



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