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Random Thursday thoughts

”Be stubborn about your goals. And flexible about your methods.”

On my mind

Turmeric latte. Heat up a cup of almond milk. Add a hint of cinnamon, turmeric & black pepper, a teaspoon of coconut oil and raw honey. My favourite drink at the moment. Definitely worth a try, especially if you’re feeling a bit under the weather. Perfect during chilly winter evenings.

Quick & effective workouts. Those days when I don’t feel like spending hours at the gym you will most likely find me smashing out a quick 30 minutes workout session – sprints & plyo jumps are two of my favourite go-to exercises.

For the love of boxing. Boxing makes me feel bad ass. I tend to forget about this awesome sport and rely on my usual gym session. However, as often as possible I force my boyfriend to teach me his flawless skills.

Be curious & feed your brain. Ask questions. Read books. Learn new stuff. Education is an ongoing process. 

Tulips. I absolutely love tulip season (It means spring is almost around the corner. Despite the snow on the ground and cold weather tulips make me dream of lighter days). Buying a fresh bouquet of flowers is the easiest and quickest way to freshen up your home.

Spending time in the kitchen. Cooking is a form of therapy. Or meditation. Healthy recipe testing, making nutritious treats and delicious veggie dinners; a way of showing your body love and respect. Feed your soul. There are so many ways to be healthy – start in the kitchen.


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