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How to learn to love Mondays

”Work hard. Do good. Be incredible.”

Five steps towards a better start of the week. Learn how to rock Mondays.

  1. Use Sundays wisely. Sundays are for recharging and taking time to do the things we love. Why not set aside one hour every Sunday evening when you plan the upcoming week – schedule important meetings and go through all the stuff that needs to be done before Friday. Getting things ready and organized the evening before – prepare your lunch (take time to meal prep for a couple of days ahead) and lay out your clothes.
  2. Make time for breakfast. Always make time for breakfast. I’ll promise you’ll have more energy if you eat a nutritious breakfast. Grab something quick & healthy which is easy to bring along to work if you find it difficult to eat early in the morning; a protein smoothie for example.
  3. Schedule your workouts. Start your week with a Monday morning workout. You immediately get into the right healthy mood and it’s easier to stay on track rest of the week.
  4. Plan something fun to look forward to. Schedule something that you can look forward to in your calendar -breakfast in the middle of the week with your friends or why not find a workout partner who can help you feel motivated to jump out of bed at 5 AM.
  5. Make Mondays your most productive day. Mondays should be the day when you get sh*t done. Put all your heart and soul into your work tasks. Just own it! A productive Monday will pave the way for a successful week.


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