Weekend treats

”Keep it clean, eat your greens and don’t be mean in 2017.”

(And remember to treat yourself once in a while)

Weekends are for delicious treats. Relaxation. Sweaty workouts. Reading books. Enjoying nature. And simply appreciating the stillness.

Below you’ll find a few of my favourite treats.

I’m a granola junkie so it’s quite understandable that these chocolate granola bars are my favourite. They are dangerously good. I can’t even think about making them if I’m home alone since I would easily eat them all in one day. I bet all family members will love them!


So cute. So yummie. And so easy to make. You probably won’t find fresh strawberries at the moment but you can use any kind of berries. Love the chocolate & hazelnut spread on top. The best combo!


Of  all nuts macadamia has to be one of my favourites. But why so expensive!? Oh well, this ice cream tastes marvellous. It would probably go pretty well with a warm piece of dark chocolate brownie. Oh my.


The most perfect pancakes on the Sunday brunch table. Take time to relax and enjoy a long brunch with friends and family. Serve these beauties together with berries and plant based cream or yoghurt of your choice. And don’t forget the coconut sugar!

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Chocolate lovers! Yes, you. This is a brownie with a rich chocolate flavour. So perfect. So chocolaty. And absolutely a well deserved weekend treat.


Happy weekend & happy baking ❤



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