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Random Tuesday thoughts

”Ambition is the first step to success. The second step is action.”

Waking up early, before sunrise, although I don’t have to go anywhere might be one of my favourite things to do. My morning routines at the moment; drinking a big glass of lemon water -> coffee -> yoga -> enjoying a big nourishing breakfast -> I’m ready to conquer the day. I’m especially grateful for my mornings at home since I work at a cruise ship from time to time, and therefore not able to wake up in my own bed every morning.

Area of interest: Personal branding & Brand image. I’ve always been interested in branding. Branding strategies shouldn’t solely be used by businesses and their products but also by the people. As an individual that striving to become successful in a certain area it’s of utmost importance to start incorporating personal branding. Your personal brand define what makes you different & unique. Define your brand and stick to it. How would you describe yourself and the values you represent? Be consistent – the choices you make should reflect who you are.

The importance of eliminating negative energies; Don’t let negative people dull your sparkle. Don’t let anyone pull you down or question your dreams and way of living. We are only given one freakin life – live it!

Use daily affirmations to kick-start your day ❤

In a world full of hatred be kind, be human and show dignity.

The value of taking time off. We can’t always be on top of our game. Some days we just need to slow down a bit, take time off and spend an extra hour on the things/people we love. Those important things that give us energy to keep going.

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