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My favourite supplements

I opt for eating a versatile diet. Striving to eat as much plant based food as possible, however I eat egg occasionally. I find it important to feed the body with vitamins and minerals through clean, natural food and I prefer not taking too much supplements. Nevertheless, our bodies might need an extra boost so the ones mentioned below I eat on a regular basis.

  1. Vegan protein – When I’m extra active I like adding protein to my smoothies. I prefer pea protein or hemp protein. It also gives the smoothie an extra creaminess especially if you add plenty of ice.
  2. Spirulina & Chlorella – I prefer taking spirulina in tablet form but don’t mind adding chlorella powder into my smoothies. Spirulina is in my opinion more hard core and I find it much easier to swallow the tablets. Spirulina is rich in Iron, contains all of the essential amino acids and a large amount of vitamin B12. Both Spirulina and Chlorella increase energy so they are great before a workout.
  3. MSM powder – I’ve been taking MSM-powder for almost 2 years now, and I can’t live without it since it’s great for my overall wellbeing. It has improved my joints, my gut health and allergies. Not to mention hair gowth!
  4. Vitamin D – In order to stay away from nasty colds during the dark months it’s good to boost your immune system with Vitamin D. Take it together with fat (preferably at meal time) since it enhances Vitamin D absorption.





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