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Make every moment count

”Always be a work in progress.”

See every single moment as an opportunity to better yourself – don’t always wait until the beginning of a new year. Change is about the whole year not only January! Although it might be easier to change a habit or start a new project when a brand-new year is knocking on your door it might also come with the anxiety that you have to change something. Improvements can be made anytime during a year – make every day count.

Let’s say you finally made the decision to become healthier; whether it’s being more active, eating healthier or becoming more mindful a good way is to start setting specific and realistic goals. Achieving health should be regarded as a lifestyle not a quick fix. You have to be patient and remember that it takes time to create the best version of yourself.

  • Don’t go out too hard in the beginning, make smaller changes such as drinking less soda or eating less candy. Compare yourself with who you were yesterday not with your friends or the influencers on social media.
  • Start every other week with a new habit; incorporating more vegetables into your diet, reducing your meat intake, drinking more water or powerwalking 3 times a week. Minor changes that can have a huge impact.
  • Reflect on were you are at the moment and continue from there. Striving to make progress every single day, even if some weeks you might take one step forward and three steps backwards – It’s called living life.
  • Remember it’s not the final goal alone that counts, but the factual path to achieving greatness – you have to enjoy the process in order to keep going!
  • In the process of growing we have to remember to find balance and not to be too harsh on ourselves. We all have weeks or months when things not end up as expected, but as corny as it may sound we should never ever give up. Cause what’s the point of living if we give up on our dreams?

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Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetPictures from Budapest


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