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A greener year


Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.

– John F Kennedy

With 2017 knocking on the door I feel it’s time to take a glimpse back at 2016. This past year has been rather mediocre. Neither super good nor bad. In other words it’s been rather plain. However, one of the most important thing that happened to me is that I gotten more aware of the importance of eating more plant based, choosing greens before meat. Although I’ve always been rather healthy I feel like I’ve taken my health to another level – focusing not only what’s good for me but also what’s good for our planet. With that being said I do hope 2017 will be even greener! Not only for me, but also for fellow citizens and the rest of the world.

2017 will be more about finding balance, creating stuff, fulfilling dreams and not to overanalyse everything – going more with the flow 😉 I read somewhere that in Japan they have a concept called ”Forest bathing” – When being stressed they believe that one of the best ways to cope is to go for a walk in the forest. Maybe something to incorporate every now and then when life feels overwhelming.

I’m spending the last day of 2016, and the the first week of 2017, with my love in Budapest. Although we both feel slightly under the weather (sipping on some lemon-ginger water at the moment) I believe we’ll have a great evening.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and always do what makes YOU happy!



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