Month: december 2016

A greener year

  Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. – John F Kennedy With 2017 knocking on the door I feel it’s time to take a glimpse back at 2016. This past year has been rather mediocre. Neither super good nor bad. In other words it’s been rather plain. However, one of the most important thing that happened to me is that I gotten more aware of the importance of eating more plant based, choosing greens before meat. Although I’ve always been rather healthy I feel like I’ve taken my health to another level – focusing not only what’s good for me but also what’s good for our planet. With that being said I do hope 2017 will be even greener! Not only for me, but also for fellow citizens and the rest of the world. 2017 will be more about finding balance, creating stuff, fulfilling dreams and not to overanalyse everything – going more with the flow 😉 I read somewhere that in Japan they have a concept called ”Forest bathing” – When being …

Eating plant based in Helsinki

Today I had a few hours to spend in Helsinki before my flight to Budapest. Between 2003 and 2007 I was living and studying in the city and Helsinki will always have a special place in my ❤ . I was eager to try out some new healthy restaurants and decided to go for Date + Kale. After going through their all natural, organic and plant based menu online I very much was looking forward trying out one of their healthy meals for lunch. And the menu! I could for sure eat everything on that mouth watering piece-of-food-art. Precisely my cup of tea. More plant based food to the people. More Date + Kale to the people! Anyhow, I decided to go for a Kale’s bowl and Golden Glow Mylk. The food was a health-conscious foodie’s dream. A bowl filled with miso-coconut quinoa, kale, broccoli, cucumber, mint + pea tofu, edamames and tahini-umeboshi dressing. Besides delicious lunch options the breakfast lover will find healthy breakfast-bowls with seasonal toppings. Definitely worth a try while visiting the …

More of what I want

2017 – I welcome you! ”If we did all the things we are capable of, we could literally astound ourselves.” More exploring the world More courage More plant based foods More doing the stuff I love More thai boxing More enjoying the nature More writing More capturing a moment More kindness More creating stuff More self belief More kick ass More self love More laughter More yoga More planning More owning it! More setting goals More mental strength More following my dreams    

Merry Christmas

I wish you all a merry, merry Christmas. Hope you’ll have a cosy holiday season filled with joy, laughter, love and yummy food. Just as it should be! I will spend Christmas with my family in Finland (actually on my way as I’m writing). I’m looking forward meeting the family and eating some delicious vegan Christmas food Anyhow, I will recharge my batteries and get plenty of fresh air (hoping for some snow). It’s been a December filled with work so I’m pretty exhausted, also feeling a cold coming. I do believe 2017 will be a great year! One thing I wish for is more quality time with my little blog (my precious baby who I unfortunately have neglected these past months). Although life is busy at times (and has its ups & downs) one should always try to make time for the things one love (note to self). But, until next time – Have a wonderful Christmas ❤