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5 steps to become a morning person

Have you always thought that people waking up at 5 am are some kind of weirdos, deriving from another planet? Waking up in the middle of the night, you must be kidding me. Although not waking up at 5 am I would call myself a morning person. I’m definitely not an evening person, going to bed at 10 pm, if possible. However, you might wanna change up your routines a bit, but are in desperate need of some tips and tricks to make it a little less painful. Here are five steps that might make it slightly easier for you to jump out of bed at early sunrise.

  • Start working out in the morning instead of in the evening – A morning workout/power walk will for sure kick-start your day. Up to a couple of months ago I hated working out in the morning, I simply couldn’t be bothered. Now, when it has become a habit of mine I just love it! I have more energy throughout the day and feel more motivated to conquer the rest of the day. A good idea is to start scheduling morning workouts with a friend.
  • Go to bed earlier – Yes you heard me. Turn the lights off and put your phone down. Don’t scroll through all your social media channels late at night – instead you should prioritise your sleep. Of course it will be much easier to wake up early if you go to bed around 23 pm.
  • Enjoy a delicious breakfast – Decide the night before what you’re going to have for breakfast the next morning. Choose something healthy and yummy that will make you jump out of bed each morning. Why not schedule a breakfast date with a good friend or your better half? It doesn’t necessary have to be weekend in order to go out for breakfast.
  • Plan your day – Checking your schedule for the next day before going to bed. Choose what clothes to wear and go through all important meetings and other things that need to be done. You’ll become more efficient and your mornings will become less stressful. In other words you’ll have time to enjoy your coffee, morning workout and even a delicious breakfast before it’s time to head for school or work.
  • Don’t abuse the snooze button – As soon as the alarm goes off jump out of bed. Splash some cold water onto your face and take a cold shower. Put your favourite music on while getting ready. In a while you’ll feel wide awake.

One last reminder; Try to keep the morning rhythm once it’s established. 

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