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Healthy foods for busy days

I’m all about putting nutritious, clean and healthy foods on my plate – loads of colourful veggies, good carbs and protein. At the moment I try to focus on the veggie part and that I get enough protein. My fats usually come from coconut oil, avocado, nuts and seeds (and nut butter and nut butter and some more nut butter).

I want my lunch and dinner to be quick and easy. Don’t get me wrong – I love to spend time in the kitchen – but the foodie in me is usually way too hungry by the time I’m starting to prep my food. I would say I follow a rather clean diet, at least when I’m eating at home. With that being said I also love eating out, enjoying a huge veggie thali or lebanese food. And I wouldn’t maybe call it a ”clean diet” eating a whole jar of peanut and almond butter a week 😉 Oh well, life is too short for staring at a full jar of yummy nut butter. A girls gotta eat, right?!

Here are my five go-to lunch/dinner ideas. All quick, healthy, clean and nutritious;

  1. Veggie wrap – I chop up my favourite vegetables and fry them in coconut oil. I prefer zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, red pepper, spinach and kale. Then I add fresh garlic, coriander, chili and ginger and season with salt and black pepper. Sprinkle some nutritional yeast, barbecue sauce and Oatley creme fraiche on top and you have yourself a healthy vegan lunch/dinner.
  2. Fried vegetables with avocado toast +egg – Once again I fry my favourite vegetables in coconut oil and season with loads of garlic, ginger, turmeric and coriander (my absolute favourites at the moment). At the same time I boil an egg and mash half an avocado on gluten free toast. A simple, yet delicious lunch.
  3. Roasted sweet potato with lentil patties & fermented veggies – I chop up some sweet potato, season with salt &pepper and roast them in the oven. Enjoy the potatoes with fermented veggies, zucchini fried in coconut oil and lentil patties. A perfect dinner.
  4. Butternut squash soup from Spoons – I roast pumpkin- and sunflower seeds in a pan with some pine nuts and sprinkle on top of the delicious and creamy soup. I usually eat it with, yet another, avocado toast. What’s better than to enjoy a bowl of soup when autumn is knocking at our doors.
  5. Soy bean pasta/Black bean pasta with veggies – I’m not a huge fan of pasta, but sometimes I like to cuddle up with a big plate of bean pasta. Served with a hot tomato sauce with loads of garlic, basil and cayenne pepper or simply a vegetable stir fry. Sprinkle some nutritional yeast on top for a vegan-friendly cheese flavour.




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