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5 x favourite workouts

  1. Powerwalking – At the moment it feels like I’m walking everywhere – ten minutes here and there, sometimes one hour or up to two and a half hours. Walking is underrated. One of the best activities there is. Put on your favourite music and some comfortable shoes and you can walk for hours, enjoying nature at the same time. I enjoy walking even more now when I can’t run (having some problems with my knee..)
  2. Kayla Itsines’ BBG (Bikini Body Guide) – When you’re a busy bee and don’t have time to workout for one hour. Kayla’s 30 minutes resistance workouts are great for a hectic lifestyle. They are suitable for almost everyone and they are great since you don’t actually need a gym in order to follow the program. A good whole body workout. (When I’m working at the ship I usually do Insanity workout which is also a great workout for busy days – High Intensive Training at it’s best!)
  3. Weight lifting – For the most part I lift weights at the gym. My favourite body parts to train are legs and glutes. I also enjoy training biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and abs. Yes, a little bit of everything actually.
  4. Yoga & Stretching/Foam rolling – I wish I would do it more often because when I manage to squeeze in some yoga my body always feels SO much better. It’s calming and very good for tired and stiff muscles. It feels like my hammies are always sore, that might be one reason I’m having problem with my knee… So definitely more stretching for me! I actually enjoy it very much but somehow I tend to forget about it.
  5. Boxing/Thai boxing – Definitely one of the funniest workouts out there. My boyfriend is great at boxing so I always try to find time to workout with him. To seldom I’m afraid, but when we find the time it’s always very satisfying. Boxing is not only great for cardio but also for overall strength and coordination. Last but not least, perfect if you’re feeling frustrated after a tough day at work.

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My lifestyle

Usually I train five to six times a week (on a good week). I’m a very active person and have always been. I can’t sit still for many hours straight. I just love the feeling after a tough and sweaty workout. It makes me feel alive, how ridiculous that might sound. Wellness is a big part of my lifestyle and to get the blood pumping is such a lovely feeling. Mostly I try to squeeze in a morning workout since it’s such a tremendous way to start the day.

How to motivate oneself:

Let’s be honest – I’m not always 100 % feeling it. Some mornings I rather stay in bed (and I will) but most of the time I get up, dress up in my gym clothes and hit the weights. Because the feeling afterwards is so rewarding. It’s a big difference between being tired and being lazy. If you know you’re just being too lazy try doing a sport that you actually enjoy doing. You don’t have to go to the gym to break a sweat. Play football with your friends or family, go for a powerwalk, hike, swim or  dance. There are plenty of things to choose among, I promise you will find something you like. But, what I’m trying to say is – choose something you’re fond of and don’t be too harsh on yourself for not feeling it all the time. But in case you’re just a lazy ass bitch – get moving! 😉



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