Random thoughts, Tips & inspo

5 x favourites

  1. Morning workouts – I’m most definitely a morning person. To wake up early, have coffee and go for a power walk or cardio at the gym is the best way to kick-start the day.
  2. Avocado & Egg toast – I’ve been eating mostly plant based the last couple of months but all of a sudden my body started screaming for eggs. Since I’m all about listening to my body I’ve been starting to incorporate egg in my diet again. And how I missed it! Avo & Egg toast ❤
  3. Oat porridge – Never goes out of style. I usually cook my oats with cinnamon and vanilla powder and eat it with half a banana (or an apple) and almond milk. The perfect breakfast now when we go towards autumn.
  4. Clif bars – Especially the white chocolate & macadamia one. What can I say – I’m in love. My kind of candy 😉
  5. Acai bowls – for breakfast, as a healthier snack or simply when you crave something extra super delicious. Acai is a super berry filled with antioxidants, healthy fats and vitamins.


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