Month: augusti 2016

Wake up happy

The best thing about falling a sleep is that it’s only 7 hours until breakfast. I’m a complete breakfast nerd. What can I say – I love my breakfasts (and my coffee). Enjoying a healthy and nutritious filled breakfast is for sure one of the best ways to kick start the day! There’s so many delicious options out there. If you’re in a hurry, like many of us during weekdays, you probably just want to grab something and go. Smoothies, porridge and avocado toasts is both quick and yummy. For those lazy weekend mornings you might have time to make pancakes, banana bread or acai bowls. Here’s six of my favourites (that can be made in various ways) and that definitely keeps me going and fills me up until lunch. Smoothies Avocado toast Pancakes Acai bowls (smoothies) Banana bread with peanut butter (yum!) Quinoa porridge with roasted almonds and blueberries