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I have one week off before I start working at the cruise ship again. It has been great being able to work at the office for the past nine months; more structure and routines in life. Eventually everything comes to an end. However, I’m looking forward to a summer with travelling, hopefully good weather, tough workouts and of course plenty of work. This week I try my best to recharge my batteries, which means getting enough sleep, eating my vitamins and greens and last but not least many, many workouts. For me working out is like meditation, the tougher the workout the better meditation 😉 At the same time I also appreciate long walks, yoga and stretching… Yes, I try to squeeze in a little bit of everything! Loading up with good carbs and I’m good to go!

This week my training might look a bit like below (with some room for changes..) And no, I don’t work out like this all the time. I have a week off and nothing exciting planned so I thought I would take advantage of the energy that decided to came back ( I think it’s because of the sun 😀 )

Monday – Morning cardio 40 minutes + GRIT Strength 30 minutes (evening)

Tuesday – 60 minutes power walk (morning) + 70 minutes boxing (lunch)

Wednesday – Morning cardio + Leg session (afternoon/evening)

Thursday – Morning cardio + GRIT Strength 30 minutes

Friday – Morning cardio + ABS & ARMS

Saturday – Morning cardio + Running

Sunday – Morning yoga + STRETCH & Foam roller

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