For the love of porridge

At the moment I love starting my day with a big bowl of porridge. I prefer gluten free oat porridge but try to vary and spice it up with either buckwheat or amaranth. My weakness is for sure oat porridge cooked in coconut milk, real yummy! Not to mention porridge flavoured with vanilla and cardamom.

The best thing about porridge is that you can top it with almost anything – fresh berries, blueberry chia jam, apple sauce, different seeds and nuts such as pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, hemp seeds, pine nuts, almond milk, soy yoghurt… The list goes on.

In Sweden we are really spoiled at the moment with this beautiful Winter weather. It’s very convenient to warm up with a nice, creamy bowl of porridge. Oh, and I wrote in the beginning that I love starting my day with a bowl of porridge. I normally also love ending my day the same way 😉

The pictures below represents the perfect bowl of oats cooked in coconut milk with a pinch of sea salt and vanilla powder. Topped with hemp seeds, melon seeds and blueberry ginger chia jam. A very beautiful and tasty morning for sure.



Oats; has many health benefits, it might lower cholesterol levels, help prevent heart disease and stabilise blood sugar. 

Buckwheat; contrary to its name this fruit seed is not related to wheat. It’s 100 % gluten free. Buckwheat is a high-quality easily digestible protein. Buckwheat is also rich in iron and very high in antioxidants. Contains minerals and vitamins such as zinc, copper and niacin. 

Amaranth; high in both protein and minerals such as calcium, iron, phosphorous, magnesium and carotenoids. It’s gluten free, has a slightly nutty taste  and goes well with other grains. Why not add some amaranth next time you cook your porridge?


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