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10 steps to a healthier you

Living a healthy life shouldn’t be difficult. Actually it’s pretty simple. It’s all about routines, finding the things that are easy to incorporate into your daily life. Choose a lifestyle you’re comfortable with, one you can easily hold on to. Start from yourself. Start today. 

  1. Drink water. Start the day by drinking a glas of hot lemon water. During the day I mix 1 tbs of MSM-powder in my water for an extra boost and energy. MSM is good for your hair, skin, nails and overall wellbeing among other things. I’ve been ignoring the importance of water but now I’m determined to drink two litres a day.
  2. Enjoy a healthy breakfast. A good day start with a healthy breakfast. Problems eating breakfast early in the mornings? Take it with you to school or work. A quick morning workout might evoke your appetite.  A bowl of coconut porridge, a green smoothie, avocado toast, home made granola just to mention a few options.
  3. Stay active. Walk as much as possible. Stay active during the day by taking the stairs, cleaning and remember to stretch out your shoulders once in a while, especially  if you’re sitting in front of the computer most of the time.
  4. Be creative. Do something creative every day. Cook or bake without a recipe, paint, write a poem, dance, read, start a company…
  5. Set goals. It’s good to plan were you wanna be in the future. What motivates you? Are you satisfied with your current state? Visualize were you wanna be in the near future, write down your goals. Strive to become the best version of yourself.
  6. Sweat. Workout. Be sweaty! Try to workout 3 times a week. Do something that makes you feel happy about yourself, whether it’s lifting weights, ballet, running, crossfit, boxing, yoga, cycling or dancing.
  7. Stay positive. It’s a lot easier to conquer the world with a positive mindset. One positive thought in the morning can change the outcome of the day. More positive thinking, it’s as easy as that.
  8. Eat more, not less. Don’t forget to eat. Eat more healthy, clean and nutritious food that helps you through busy schedules. Reduce the sugar intake and add more dark green veggies to your diet.
  9. Eat your veggies. Yes! Eat more veggies, less meat. Both your body and the Earth will thank you.
  10. Don’t take life too serious. Life goes by in a rapid pace. Do the things that makes you happy and don’t take yourself too serious. Laugh! A lot. Live in the present and enjoy every single minute on this beautiful planet.


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