Månad: december 2015

Winter Smoothie

I’m welcoming December with this creamy goddess. Almost like Snow white. Filled with snow flakes, oh sorry I mean coconut flakes… and frozen fruits, cinnamon, creamy almond butter… All of my favourites. Yes! A goddess indeed. Now I just sit and wait for the snow to start pouring down. Winter, Winter, I beg you to come. I want my cheeks to be rosy red. Ingredients: 1 frozen banana 1-2 dl frozen mango and papaya pieces 0.5 dl shredded coconut flakes A hint of vanilla powder A hint of cinnamon 1 tbs almond butter 1 dl soy yoghurt / greek yoghurt Add some almond milk if you like…. Instructions: You just mix it baby! Full speed for a couple of minutes until yummy and creamy. Pour into a bowl and eat with granola and berries. Love! Annonser