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Yoga every damn day

I must admit I don’t do yoga regularly. But I noticed how good it is for my body. As an old gymnast I always been fond of stretching (although I’ve been neglecting it lately). Anyhow I’ve decided to change that, and I’m trying to incorporate yoga at least two times a week. I feel a big difference already after three times. I manage to do the split today after my regular workout! I’ve been having some problem with my hamstrings, but I think (hope) a few hours of yoga will change that.

I decided to subscribe to Yoogaia, which is a really nice yoga site with both live classes and recordings. You can choose between a wide selection of classes from beginners to advanced. I really recommend Yoogaia for everyone that wishes to practise yoga at home in the living room. It makes it so much easier to get it done!

Underneath I offer you a link which gives you a free 14 day trial. Don’t miss out on that!

Don’t hesitate to try it if you wish to practise yoga at home, whenever you like.

”Yoga that fits aound your life.”




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