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Be your own motivation

It takes time, planning and effort to live a healthy life. Nothing comes for free. You need to start listening to yourself, your wants and needs. We all live different lives. In order to keep up a healthy lifestyle you need to make decisions that you are comfortable with, decisions you know you can hold on to.

To choose a healthy lifestyle is like having a long-lasting relationship with yourself; you need to love and respect yourself enough to make conscious decisions that are good for you. Be proud of yourself. And don’t be too harsh on yourself. We are not perfect. You are not perfect. But trying to be the best version of oneself is pretty damn close.

For me food is fuel. Food is something that should make me feel strong, fit and healthy, and give me good energy throughout the day. I also like to see food as medicine, by this I mean I try to choose foods that help me prevent diseases. Don’t compare yourself with others and what they choose to put on their plates. What do you want? What is good for you? Be your own motivation. The same goes with exercise. If you aren’t used to working out you shouldn’t start by going to the gym six times a week. Keep it simple and be active during the day -take the stairs, walk or take the bicycle to work, clean your apartment, play with your children etcetera. Try to break a sweat three times a week choosing something you like, such as running, dancing, yoga, swimming, lifting weights etcetera. Why not try something new? Step outside your comfort zone.

My food philosophy

My food and health philosophy is quite simple – I believe in eating clean, nutritious and unprocessed foods that are free from artificial additives and refined sugar. Food that makes me feel good, energized, strong and healthy. I attempt to listen to my body and nourish it with foods that are filled with vitamins, minerals and healthy energy.

I find it important to focus on the foods I can eat instead of directing my thoughts to foods that aren’t good for me. I try to focus on the good and healthy stuff and always think positively regarding food.

And the most important I remember to treat myself once in a while. If I feel like having a cup cake or chocolate fudge brownie I will have one and I simply will enjoy it. I usually try to bake my own goodies since I want to know what’s in them.

Love life, love yourself, love your body and treat them all with respect.

• Listen to your body
• Eat clean, unprocessed food
• Avoid sugar
• Drink water
• Boost your body
• Treat yourself once in a while
• Eat loads of veggies, healthy fats, fish and lean meat


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