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55 weeks ago I started to write down my workouts. Now, more than one year later, it’s really motivating to see how much I’ve been working out this last year. Ok, since I was in second grade I’ve always been doing some kind of sport so I actually never been a couch potato… Anyways, I strongly recommend everyone to start writing down their workouts, since I don’t plan my workouts beforehand I write them down afterwards. But if you prefer; why not start planning your weekly workouts on Sunday evening. Try to see your workout as an important meeting with yourself (or with a friend/personal trainer) If it’s a morning powerwalk, a sweaty boxing session or a relaxing yoga hour, you should consider the time spent as vital as any other important meeting.

Last week I didn’t have a rest day. So this week I’ll for sure have one or two. They are as important as the actual workout, especially if you workout often. Don’t you forget them!

My workout last week:

Monday: 30 minutes crosstrainer & 60 minutes yoga

Tuesday: Morning yoga at home with Yoogaia10 minutes abs & 40 minutes stretch. Leg workout  & Plyo jumps at the gym approx. 45 minutes. 30 minutes evening yoga for neck & shoulders.

Wednesday: Arms & shoulders at the gym approx. 45 minutes.

Thursday: Running; intervals. Including warm up and different sprints. 6-7 km.

Friday: Insanity workout at work. 30 minutes Friday Fight 2. That was insane…

Saturday: Running 5 km.

Sunday:  Walking 40 minutes & 35 minutes gym (upper body). Relaxing evening stretch with Yoogaia 45 minutes.



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