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It’s all about the little things

When everyday passes by in high speed it’s important to stop for a while and breathe. To be thankful for the good things that happen in your life. Focus on the good stuff. Don’t let the stress and negativity around you control your mind. 

Try to write down five things each day that your thankful for. Let it become a habit before you fall a sleep. Read them through when you wake up the next morning. Starting the day with a positive attitude. Trust me, I know it’s not easy everyday. Sometimes you just wanna stay in bed and do nothing. And we all need to have those days as well. We shouldn’t be too harsh on ourselves. Just breathe, and let it go.

Five things I’m thankful for today:

  • I’m thankful that my body is strong and healthy. That I have the energy to workout after a busy day at work. Because I know that although I’m deadly tired I will feel more alive after one hour well spent at the gym.
  • I’m lucky to have such wonderful colleagues; people that encourage and help each other.
  • I’m thankful for my morning coffee; black and strong to wake me up.
  •  At the moment I’m lucky to have, not only one, but two jobs. Although it’s rather stressful and doesn’t give me any time for either cooking or food blogging I know I will get plenty of well needed experience. And it’s also good for my selfconfidence. (But I still have to say I miss taking food pics. oh well, there will be time for that as well.)
  • I’m thankful for the wonderful and warm weather we got in Sweden at the moment.

What are you thankful for?



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