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Juice Cleansing

I decided to try a three day juice cleanse, which means drinking five cold pressed and organic veggie/fruit juices per day plus one nut milk. That’s 18 juices altogether. Only liquids, no solid food. And no coffee.

Since it was my first cleanse ever I didn’t really know what to expect. Two days before the cleanse I started to eat mostly vegetarian food and fresh raw food salads. I didn’t stop drinking coffee though, but I drank plenty of water and avoided sugar. The main reason I wanted to do a cleanse was out of curiosity. I have read so much about it and wanted to find out for myself if it’s actually as good as people say.

Cleansing Day 1

On Thursday, cleansing day 1, I woke up at 6:45 AM. I had my first juice at 7 AM, an pineapple mynth juice. Really refreshing and tasty. I felt like having something warm so I drank a cup of warm lemon water as well. I felt energized so I decided to take a brisk 30 minutes walk. Back home I started craving my morning coffee. At 10 AM I had my second juice, a green veggie juice. It satisfied my craving for an hour or so. By 12.30 PM the only thing my mind was screaming for was coffee and food. I didn’t know if I would manage three days without solid food and my morning coffee. I was freezing, I slept half an hour under two blankets and  was starting to feel hungry. Where was my coffee?! I tried to convince myself that this is good for me. But was it? I had no idea. I decided to take one day at a time. The sun was shining outside, and it was time for my third juice. I decided to enjoy it outside, at least the sun gave me some energy. But how I love sipping coffee in the sun.. No! It was time to sip on a beetroot, carrot, kiwi and lemon juice.

The whole afternoon I felt tired and suffered from a major headache. I continued drinking my juices and plenty of water. I thought that if I felt this bad tomorrow I will end the cleanse. I watched a movie and fell a sleep before 9 PM.


Cleansing Day 2

On Friday, cleansing day 2, I felt so much better when I woke up. Wow, holy macaroni I slept like a baby. No headache! And I jumped out of bed before the alarm clock woke me up. Although I felt like eating a huge bowl of porridge I sticked to my juices. I recommend anyone who is doing a juice cleanse for the first time to pick a date when you don’t have a lot of stuff going on, preferably during the weekend or when you have a day off.

I’m used to working out almost everyday, but with the cleanse going on I had no energy for anything else than yoga and walks. For me 1-3 days is maximum time for doing a juice cleanse. I want to be able to workout and have enough energy for both work and spare time. The funny thing was, I wasn’t craving coffee as much as I did on the first day. I thought that would like never happen. And it’s only been a day. Miracles can happen. I was so glad I didn’t end the cleanse after the first day. I was so close to go to the bakery 500 meters from home and pick up a grande soy latte. I’m such an addict.


I had much more energy during the second day. I felt lighter and my stomach wasn’t upset (which it normally can be). Although my energy levels were higher the feeling of hunger was constantly there.

By 3 PM I felt really hungry and decided to have a raw food salad. It wasn’t that the juices didn’t fill me up, they did. But I was still hungry, and my stomach was screaming for some solid food. I decided for a healthy and cleansing raw food salad so I don’t think I messed up my cleanse in any way. I believe that you need to listen to your body, and at that point I really needed that salad! One important thing to point out is that I wasn’t doing the cleanse in order to loose weight, I simply wanted to increase my energy levels and improve my digestion.

In the evening I felt a bit better, thanks to the last juice – an almond milk with vanilla, cinnamon and dates. My favourite drink of all six. Still I was really tired and fell a sleep at 9.30 PM.

Cleansing Day 3

Last day of the cleanse (thank goad). I slept quite bad during the night. Woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in my lover back, bum and hamstrings. I have never experience such a pain before, it’s really difficult to explain – not like a muscle pain but some kind of deeper, burning pain. So strange. Eventually I fell a sleep and woke up at 7 AM. The pain was still there though when I woke up, but at least I didn’t feel tired. I have no idea where the pain came from.

Since I felt I had excess energy I took a brisk 50 minutes walk as I thought it would help against the pain. After my morning juice and 10 o’clock juice I felt like having a creamy and thick smoothie. At 12 AM I made myself an acai smoothie which was extremely delicious and just what my body and mind needed.

During the day I spent time outside in the sunshine, walking and enjoying the Spring weather. And no coffee cravings during the day. Unbelievable.

I drank my last juices during the afternoon and evening, and felt pretty good. I went to bed at 10 PM and slept through the whole night. Woke up at 7 Am, on a Sunday??! Now, Sunday morning, the day after the cleanse I feel more energetic and glad the cleanse is finally over. I can’t wait to get back to my training and have proper meals. I might even have a cup of coffee (or two).



I noticed that drinking only veggie and fruit juices for three days is really difficult, at least for me. But when I included a raw food salad and smoothies I felt much better. I can’t stress enough the importance of listening to your body. If it feels unbearable, as it did for me only drinking the juices, then stop, and listen carefully. Of course you need to hang in there and don’t give up as soon as it starts feeling difficult. But there is a difference. You know your body best, and don’t ever compare yourself to others, only to yourself.

At this point, one day after the cleanse, I don’t really know if I like or dislike juice cleansing. Since I felt quite bad – suffered from headache, back pain, hunger and was constantly freezing I could say that I hated it. But still I had a much better sleep ( except the night with the back pain) and felt more alive with a clearer mind. My coffee craving seems to have vanished. Let see if I notice some other differences in a couple of days. Just now I would describe it a love-hate affair.

Juice Cleanse Pro’s and Con’s


– You have more energy after a cleanse.

– It might help you brake cravings.

– You get a deeper and better sleep.

– A healthy glowing skin.

– Your mind and thoughts seem clearer.

– Boosts your immune system.

– Improves your digestion.


– It’s expensive, especially if you buy your juices.

– It’s difficult. You might feel hungry, suffer from headache and feel a bit ill. But it’s all part of the process, eventually you will feel better.

– Does it really work? I don’t know. Since we’re all different some people might benefit from cleansing  while others wont.



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