Month: januari 2015

Cleansing morning drink

En vän till mig rekommenderade denna uppfriskande, syrliga och renande dryck. Man känner riktigt hur bra den gör för hals och kropp. Uppiggande är den också! Om du försöker minska på kaffedrickandet kan jag varmt rekommendera denna. Du behöver: En citron Riven ingefära Lite cayennepeppar och eventuellt gurkmeja Honung Hett vatten Pressa en citron, riv ner lite färsk ingefära, ett par kryddmått cayennepeppar och en tesked honung. Blanda om alltsammans och häll över hett vatten. Cleansing morning drink A friend of mine recommended this bracing cleansing morning drink. It is really nice and healthy and already after the first sip you can feel how good it is for your throut and body. I strongly recommend it if you are trying to cut down on caffeine. Ingredients: A lemon Grated ginger Cayenne pepper Turmeric Honey Warm water Squeeze the lemon into a cup or glass, add grated ginger, a hint of cayenne pepper and a teaspoon of honey. Mix everything with a spoon before you pour hot water into the glass.


Affirmations You are what you think. The word affirmation comes from the Latin affirmare, meaning ”to make steady, strenghten.” Affirmation is a declaration that something is true. To work with affirmations is to reprogram your thoughts, how you feel and act in a certain situation. It is almost like visualizing; the difference is that you formulate a sentence instead of visualizing a picture. ”The thing that happens when you repeat a positive affirmation is that it appears in your subconscious and automatizes – it becomes the truth.” An affirmation should be pronounced as happening in the present, here and now. For example; ”I’m well.” ”I’m strong.” ”I’m successful in everything I do.” You are reprogramming mentally. An affirmation should never contain words such as not, never, should or must. The feelings the affirmations evoke should be positive and thereby they should make you feel strong and happy. You create your own unique affirmations based on personal wishes and needs. Write them down and say them out loud (or quiet) every day. Preferably a few times a day. The thing that happens when you …